Research to End Consumption of Animal Products

We are a community of over 300 researchers and social scientists primarily from academia, research institutes, and NGOs. 

We aim to conduct, share, discuss, publish, and promote research which improves the lives of animals, especially by reducing animal product consumption.

Our monthly calls are a space for researchers to present their complete or in-progress work, discuss research-related challenges, and connect with others in the field.

We welcome social science researchers who are working on reducing animal product consumption or other issues to help animals.


Jo Anderson

Jo has been involved in animal protection research for years as Research Director of Faunalytics, and has built a wealth of insight and resources in the space.

Chris Bryant

Chris is an expert in alternative proteins and Director of Bryant Research, which conducts research with animal protection NGOs and alternative protein companies.

Jah Ying Chung

Jah Ying is an entrepreneur, organizational strategist, and researcher in farmed animal welfare and alternative proteins. Jah Ying leads The Good Growth Co.

Tani Khara

Tani is a Researcher at the University of Technology Sydney, and a Consultant at Sentient. She is a specialist in consumer insights and strategic planning.